Entry #1


2008-09-05 01:28:11 by Drakku

So, I'll go ahead and start making posts, since in the upcoming months I plan on doing some more animations. So hopefully this blog'll be updated about WIPs and such.

<3 Drakku


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2010-03-31 16:11:03

Oh man, I bet you got pregnant and had to give up your art to take care of a lil maggot parasite kid.
I am sure it is adorable to you, but to us it is a festering puss pile that has & is denying us beautiful flash.
Sell the kid or just take it to a bus stop or truck stop and leave it. You can always make another one after we have enjoyed ourselves to the brim. Heck, I'll even help you make it.
<3 chuck

Drakku responds:

Pfff. Nothing like finding this years later to inspire me again. No pregnancy, just.. a school baby? University was sucking the inspiration out of me. Bleh! But no worries, I have something in mind that I'll get out within the next month or so.. ;0